Better Work Together
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The future of working together has arrived

A collection of real stories and tools from the front lines of the future of working together.

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Create radically collaborative, caring workplaces.

Expand your thinking with fresh ideas for a different kind of workplace.

Grow your capacity to lead and innovate with new practices to adopt.

Useful processes and tools you can test in your business immediately.

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“These are not answers to your challenges so much as recipes for finding and developing your own.”

Douglas Rushkoff


For the development of people, teams and organisations

Enspiral is a community of entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing, and organisational design. After nearly a decade of testing and growing ideas, we’ve collectively written this book to share vision, reflections, and insights. This is a practical resource to help you create radically collaborative, innovative, and caring workplaces where people thrive.



Insights and reflections for radical personal and professional development.



Tools and practices to support high functioning, trusting teams that execute well together.



Rhythms and processes to grow caring, compassionate organisations aligned by mission and meaning.

Authored, with love, by a team of passionate entrepreneurs.


This project would not have been possible without the support and contribution of the Enspiral community.





Team Human Podcast

Ep 110 – Better Work Together


Anthony Cabraal interview

”Tackling a broken culture of work”


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This book offers hope to anyone trying to imagine work worth doing, and a job they can love.

Pete Dignan, Ever Better


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