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Top-down bureaucracy hasn't worked well for most of us as individuals, and has brought us, collectively, a host of complex social, economic, and environmental issues. Many of us have tried freelancing, by choice or out of necessity, and found it lacking. Better Work Together offers a fresh vision - what if there were a way to do meaningful work together, while bringing out the best in each of us? This book offers hope to anyone trying to imagine work worth doing, and a job they can love.

~ Pete Dignan, Ever Better

Like many people, I’m fascinated with Enspiral, it’s vision for a different future, its willingness to experiment, its values, practices and people. I can’t wait to read this book!

~ Frederic Laloux, author Reinventing Organizations

The best book about running a non-hierarchical organization I have read since The Seven-Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler. Highly recommended.

~ Anders Rune Jensen

I'd like to HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who's thinking about working in a more democratic way. Scores 100% for honesty and practicality.

~Peter Hall-Jones

What an amazing book! It's food for the soul. Intensely practical yet enlivening. Beautifully written, and has such well grounded yet unbounded authority.

~ Donovan Keme, Delimiter Agency

I am devouring Better Work Together, which is to say that I am reading it slowly and enjoying every morsel as if it were a rich chocolate cake. In this book are stories and tools and new methods for approaching age-old business circumstances in ways that are life-giving, such as how to make decisions tolerable to all, how to remunerate people for the value they bring, and how to emerge things together. I read the title as a description, that work is better together. I also read it as an invocation, that we had better work together as we face the increasingly inescapable issues of our time. This book enlivens both.

~ Lyssa Adkins, author Coaching Agile Teams and burdensome problem facilitator

I’m loving this book! I love how the authors were open, honest about their growth and be realistic about the nature of experimentation (in creating a ‘culture of experimentation’) and how one can create an ecosystem! It totally resonated it with me as I was looking for a way to learn more about how to create a collective, and a disruptive business and finance model, and tribe to build an inspiring and impactful community connect to peoples ‘WHY’. Thank you so much!

~ Jana Thangarajah

This book answers (probably almost) all questions you ever had about Enspiral. Written and illustrated by eleven different Enspiral members, it provides multiple (and very personal) perspectives, stories and many hard-earned, highly valuable and practical insights. Must-read for anyone interested in New Work, Teal and the potential of human collaboration.

~ Ulrich Schur

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