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Top-down bureaucracy hasn't worked well for most of us as individuals, and has brought us, collectively, a host of complex social, economic, and environmental issues. Many of us have tried freelancing, by choice or out of necessity, and found it lacking. Better Work Together offers a fresh vision - what if there were a way to do meaningful work together, while bringing out the best in each of us? This book offers hope to anyone trying to imagine work worth doing, and a job they can love.

~ Pete Dignan, Ever Better

Like many people, I’m fascinated with Enspiral, it’s vision for a different future, its willingness to experiment, its values, practices and people. I can’t wait to read this book!

~ Frederic Laloux, author Reinventing Organizations

The best book about running a non-hierarchical organization I have read since The Seven-Day Weekend by Ricardo Semler. Highly recommended.

~ Anders Rune Jensen

I'd like to HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who's thinking about working in a more democratic way. Scores 100% for honesty and practicality.

~Peter Hall-Jones

What an amazing book! It's food for the soul. Intensely practical yet enlivening. Beautifully written, and has such well grounded yet unbounded authority.

~ Donovan Keme, Delimiter Agency

I’m loving this book! I love how the authors were open, honest about their growth and be realistic about the nature of experimentation (in creating a ‘culture of experimentation’) and how one can create an ecosystem! It totally resonated it with me as I was looking for a way to learn more about how to create a collective, and a disruptive business and finance model, and tribe to build an inspiring and impactful community connect to peoples ‘WHY’. Thank you so much!

~ Jana Thangarajah

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